MAXIMUS MUSIC GROUP is an ever-growing, community-based collection of writers, producers , and musicians with one goal: Create and promote quality original music for all media. We are of the belief that we didn't choose music, music chose us! 

Music is who we are, from the first words to the last notes, MAXIMUS strives for perfection every time. 



Who We Are



CEO, Songwriter, Vocalist

Founder and CEO of MAXIMUS, Max Elefant is a prolific songwriter and vocalist who started out collaborating with writers and producers from all over the world in various music styles and genres in order to create a catalog of music. Since then, Max has gotten numerous cuts from up and coming artists while also writing for TV/Film/Ads.

Ultimately, Max recognized the opportunity with his vast amount of collaborative partners and decided to bring his team together to create the Maximus Music Group company that we have today. MAXIMUS currently has over 50 writers/producers in its elite community and that is only the beginning.

Steve 13_edited.jpg


VP Of Operations, Producer, Musician, Songwriter, Engineer

As a producer, engineer, songwriter and studio owner, Stephen Joseph Antonelli has worked with countless bands and artists through the years in Nashville, New York and Baltimore, MD. He's seen national and commercial success with his production and songwriting including film and TV placements with Discovery, TLC and MTV among others. Steve has worked as a licensing agent with BMI, and has helped create multiple music-related branding strategies for several companies throughout the years. Steve sits on the board of advisors for Studio Unknown, a post audio studio in Baltimore, is a member of the Grammy Producers and Engineer Wing (DC Chapter). Steve’s ability to work in a cross-genre capacity has fine-tuned his skills in both music and music business.

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Director of Information and Technology, Musician and Writer

With years of experience in Project Management, Cost Control, and Business Administration - Jason is heading up the IT for the Maximus Music Group to ensure a smooth transition between the MMG Community Members, MMG Executives, and MMG Clients. As a songwriter/musician himself, Jason is excited about the future of the Maximus Music Group and its community.

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Director of Music and Marketing, Composer, Producer, Singer/Songwriter, Audio Engineer

The 12 year old composer, songwriter has ended up on the pages of Metalhammer and performing on MTV and leading radio stations. Then he traveled through three countries and two continents. Tom Kovacs the composer, producer, singer/songwriter. For many years he was on stage and in studios recording songs he wrote and performed with his bands. In 2021 he decided to open his studio and provide composing and production services. As a final goal he is up to making music for film and TV by using his infinite creativity and passion for music. He is happy to work on albums and singles with other artists too. He loves getting to know new people and working on awesome ideas until turning these into awesome projects.