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Maximus Music Group is a music licensing company that was founded in 2021 by Max Elefant a singer/songwriter from New York.  

Max had been collaborating with numerous songwriters and music producers throughout his time in the industry in order to build up a catalog of pitch-able music. 

One day Max thought of an idea to bring together all of the writers and producers that he had been working with and put them all under one roof. He called it Maximus Music Group. 

Since then MMG has been growing in quantity of music and in quality of music in a diverse selection of genres all across-the-board with artists from all across the globe. 

Maximus, not only offers a deep and wide selection of music from its vast library, but also promotes their capability to do custom work on spec to get you exactly what you need and exactly when you need it. 

Maximus is out to gain recognition and prove its ability to be a premier music provider for all media needs. You need music? Just ask Maximus. 

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CEO, Songwriter, Vocalist

Founder and CEO of MAXIMUS, Max Elefant is a prolific songwriter and vocalist who started out merely collaborating with other songwriters and producers from all over the world in order to create a catalog of music. Since then, Max has gotten numerous cuts from up and coming artists while also writing for TV/Film/Ads.

Ultimately, Max recognized the opportunity with his vast amount of collaborative partners and decided to bring his team together to create the Maximus Music Group company that we have today. MAXIMUS currently has over 50 handpicked songwriters/producers/composers in its elite community. This is only the beginning.


Director of Information and Technology

With years of experience in Project Management, Cost Control, and Business Administration - Jason is heading up the IT for the Maximus Music Group to ensure a smooth transition between the MMG Community Members, MMG Executives, and MMG Clients. As a songwriter/musician himself, Jason is excited about the future of the Maximus Music Group and its community.

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MMG Intern

Samaadda demonstrates and delivers exceptional communication skills and music industry competencies. Samaadda encourages team collaboration in order to achieve and exceed targets. Eagar to learn more about the entertainment, and music industry, Samaadda currently attends Berklee College of Music and majors in music business and will be a part of the 2025 graduation class. Samaadda is also a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, the Recording Academy (Grammy U) and also was also selected for Deans list for both spring and winter semester 2022. MMG is excited to have Samaadda on the team and look forward to watching his growth within the music industry.

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